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Containerized Energy Storage Solutions have been around for some time now. The advantage of containerization is the possibility to use the world’s biggest supply chain: container transport. This global standard is crucial for Skoon’s infrastructure of Skoonboxes, managed in Skoon Sailor.

The World is Connected

Potential Participants

Ship Owner

The demand for zero emission vessels is growing. Vessels with electric propulsion units can be powered by Skoon boxes, which can be booked by accessing Skoon Sailor, the platform managing the infrastructure.

Wind turbine owner

Whether it concerns one wind turbine or a complete offshore wind farm, energy storage solution can increase efficiency and profitability. Our platform, Skoon Sailor, will assist you in choosing the right moments to deploy the Skoon boxes, so you don’t have to invest in static energy storage.

Festival Organisers

You want your festival to have a green label? Login on our platform and guarantee yourself with a supply of 100% Green Energy, coming from the mobile Skoon boxes. Deploying these containerised ESS’s when needed, ensures a cost effective use of your Green Energy.

Construction Site Manager

Are you managing a construction site in a densely populated area? Then you want a clean solution for your energy supply. Deploying Skoon boxes at your site will make sure this solution is quiet, emission free and reliable. Simply go to our platform and enter your energy need and it will be delivered to you.

And you?

The possibilities are endless. Where would you deploy our Skoon boxes with 100% Green Energy?



Vessel Design & Retrofit

Software installation

Crew Training

Energy Storage Preparation

Platform Optimization for specific Energy Generation

Consultancy in Energy Storage usage

Location Preparation

Skoon Box status tracking

Assistance on-site and online

Deployment possibilities for large ESS

Skoon Sailor applications

Consultancy for 100% Green Energy use