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Rent a battery

Clean Energy on Demand

Skoon Cloud - Skoon

Battery Sharing

Skoon Cloud makes accessing energy storage simple. Battery owners can rent out batteries when they are not in use, increasing their return on investment. On the other side of the market, users have easy access to clean and reliable energy.

Skoon Energy Consultancy - Skoon Energy

Skoon Energy Consultancy

Energy storage plays a key role in the upcoming energy transition. Skoon will support you in understanding your options, implementing your solution and using your energy storage in an efficient and cost effective way.



“With Skoon, we aim to simplify access to clean energy solutions for large-scale use.”

Peter Paul van Voorst – Founder Skoon


Land based solutions

We simplify the use of sustainable energy. Events, construction sites and temporary applications can now access low-cost, reliable energy alternatives.

Land based solutions
Maritime Solutions - Skoon Energy


Maritime solutions

Skoon offers affordable clean energy solutions to help ports and ships meet their sustainability ambitions and increasing industry regulations.


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