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Skoon Energy Consultancy

Introduction to energy storage

Energy storage is a rapidly developing industry. To make sure you’re on the right page, let us give you an introduction to energy storage. This will cover safety aspects, technological developments and more.

Feasibility study

Your application might be very suitable for energy storage. Together with your operational and technical experts, a feasibility study will be conducted. The result is an overview of different technologies you can use and how they can be part of your operations.

Feasibility study clean energy sollutions - Skoon


Implementation of new technologies requires leadership. Skoon will take an active role in implementing the new energy storage technologies in your company. Both on the hardware and software side.

Skoon Cloud

The Skoon Cloud enables clean energy on demand. It provides all software services for large scale deployment of mobile energy. Battery Sharing is done through this online platform, creating the most optimal match between owner and user of energy storage.

Let’s get in touch

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Land based solutions

Skoon offers true green and economically viable alternatives for traditional diesel generators used at events, constructions sites or other temporary applications.


Maritime solutions

Skoon offers clean energy solutions to help ports and shipowners with their sustainability ambitions and to meet increased regualtions.


“Will Skoon become the AirBnB of batteries?”