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Battery Sharing

Skoonbox Ownership Services

Would you like to play a key role in the energy transition and own a Skoonbox for your own operations? This is now possible! We provide all services needed for efficient use in your operations while providing access to the Skoon Cloud, on which you can share your Skoonbox with others in times you don’t need it.

Automated Logistics

To ensure scalability of the battery sharing network, we have developed our platform to automate all logistics, through secure data communication between all stakeholders.

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Increased Uptime

With access to our battery sharing network, uptime can be increased significantly. With a wide range of potential users and owners, the Skoon Cloud optimizes deployment and return on investment of large batteries.

Skoon Cloud

The Skoon Cloud enables clean energy on demand. It provides all software services for large scale deployment of mobile energy. Battery Sharing is done through this online platform, creating the most optimal match between owner and user of energy storage.

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Land based solutions

Skoon offers true green and economically viable alternatives for traditional diesel generators used at events, constructions sites or other temporary applications.


Maritime solutions

Skoon offers clean energy solutions to help ports and shipowners with their sustainability ambitions and to meet increased regualtions.


“La idea de Skoon Energy atrajo rápidamente la atención de nuestra industria. Su enfoque en mejorar el desempeño ambiental de la industria naviera está totalmente alineado con propias ambiciones de Damen.