EcarACCU verhuur
The EcarPOWER 5kVA is a rental trailer that allows you to place an affordable energy supply nearly everywhere. The trailer can be towed by a car or van, making it easy to move to any location. The trailer can be used for many off-grid or grid support applications. From lighting systems, to events, foodtrucks and sound installations. The applications are near endless. The EcarPOWER 5kVA uses Second-Life Batteries from EcarACCU to create it’s 30 kWh capacity. Combined with a Victron converter it delivers a constant output of 4000W or 5kVA. The EcarPOWER 5kVA offers next to the standalone batteries the possibility to connect a generator, to create a hybrid generator energy supply. For more information, visit ecaraccu.nl
24kWh // 2.75kW
EcarACCU verhuur